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Looking for hotels in Barcelona? You are in the right site. Our filters let you find the right hotel for you. This website is runned by Barcelona locals working in the hotel industry. From our experience We can guarantee that our directory is the most accurate Barcelona hotels directory & we work daily to add more information constantly visiting hotels, talking to their clients & managers...

Barcelona is a major travel destination in Europe and it has more than 365 Hotels having more than 67.000 Hotel beds. But the accommodation options doesn’t end with the bunch of hotels in Barcelona. The city has also a large number of holiday rental apartments. By May 2013 Barcelona had 5.677 legalized. As you can see finding the perfect hotel in Barcelona won’t be a major problem.

Where is the best area to book a hotel in Barcelona?

Barcelona has a population of 1.600.000 (without its suburbs) and its total area is 102 km². So in comparison to other major capitals in Europe it’s a pretty small city. That’s very positive for the visitors and makes the decision of the area you choose to stay in less transcendent. So don’t worry so much about it.

However we recommend you to choose a hotel in the following areas:

All these areas are located in downtown and are surrounded by commercial & service areas.

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