5 star hotels in Barcelona

There are 30 five star hotels in Barcelona.

Some are mitical some are brand new hotels, some are located in historic buildings such as Hotel Casa Fuster, some changed forever Barcelona’s skyline such as Hotel Arts or the famous W Barcelona, also known as ‘Hotel Vela’ or The sail Hotel for its shape.

One thing is clear, with one or two exceptions, whatever your choice will be they will make you feel special. Do you want to know which are the exceptions? We cannot tell you here, but we have a few recommendations that will help you find them:

  • Check the booking.com reviews about the Hotel.
  • Check the pictures of the room. Do they look weird (with high photoshop effects) or they look authentic? Not always but normally the price is a good indicator. (With the exception of Gran Hotel La Florida which tend to be cheaper because it is located in the Tibidabo mountain, and it’s 15 minutes cab ride from downtown. But if that’s not a problem for you the Hotel is excellent)

If you also want to feel special, but you don’t want to stay in a 5 star hotel check our 4 stars boutique hotels selection. Boutique Hotels in historic buildings with great service and facilities

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