Ciutat Vella

The map above show all the hotels located in the 'ciutat vella' area, this area is part of the city center and it is highly recommended for ancient history passionates.

The area is the old Town of Barcelona and up to 1873, was surrounded by a medieval wall.

The wall and the old city was initially build by the romans and then used by the different catalan kings reigns (Comptes de Barcelona)

The area is splitted by the famous 'Las Ramblas' street that divides the area in two main neighborhoods: El Raval (the left side facing the mountain of Tibidabo) and the Gothic quartier (the right side facing the mountain of Tibidabo)

The Gothic quartier

The right side of 'ciutat vella' is a commercial and cultural area, that hosts the main Catalan institutions such as the Generalitat palace, Barcelona council and some famous Barcelona sights such as Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral or the Born Market among others.

There are lost of hotels and apartments in this area, we recommend it for everyone, families, friends and couples... Specially the Born area near Passeig Colón. You are gonna love it

El Raval

In the XX century, el raval was known as the Chinese neighborhood, a dangerous place for common people. Now this left neighborhood is known by the name of 'El Raval' and it is a safer area, although you can tell it wasn't like that no long time ago.

Nevertheless it has good street nightlife, if you are young and you are traveling with friends, it's worth the visit. But if you are traveling with your family is better to stay in the right side of Las Ramblas famous street

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