Diagonal avenue

Diagonal avenue is along with ‘Gran Via de les Corts catalanes’ the bigest of the city, it crosses the city from north-east to south-west. It has more than 11 km long (more than 7 miles)

It goes through many different neighborhoods, in the map above you can see them all. All of them are good areas to stay in, but if you want to stay closer to the city center it’s better to find a hotel located in the middle of the avenue.

The northern part is a brand new neighborhood called ‘Forum’ or ‘Diagonal Mar’. This area has lot of fancy hotels to stay in Barcelona, it is a bit farther from the downtown, but that’s never a problem if you are able to take cabs or if you don’t mind to ride the metro or bus (L4 stops Selva de Mar and Besòs Mar are in this area).

This area is closer to the sea if that’s important for you.

The area was builded in 2008 for the international fair ‘International Forum of Cultures’

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